new generation of bridal alteration pros

we are not your average seamstresses

We have been labeled as second to none in the industry and are known for our AMAZING body contouring dress alterations. 



We do not charge rush fees at all…if we can accommodate, we will simply do it. Our normal time frame for wedding dress alterations is only 2-3 weeks.                                



We are neutral by nature. Our first experience with you deals purely with your alteration needs. Our passion is solely focused on serving your needs to make you look and feel your very best.                 


We do alterations and custom sewing on any style of bridal gown. We are not limited to what we can work on because we do not operate under any given bridal stores’ policies and regulations.



We offer very personable service and we are your go-to for all of your dress alteration questions. Send us a text message at your convenience…day or night, we will be standing by. Consultations are free of charge.



We are specialized to do custom sewing as well as re-designing an entire dress. As a company, we are strategically set up with professionals who have fashion design backgrounds…and that is what makes your options limitless.



We offer on-site gown preparation and steaming services on the BIG day for an extra charge. We will travel to your home, hotel, or venue to prepare your gown, veil, etc. We assist in dressing the bride and will also fluff your train right before you walk down the aisle if needed.




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alteration services

We offer basic alterations on any gown and if you are wanting something custom, we might send you to another seamstress outside of our store who can perform that for you.

We require a minimum of 4-6 weeks, but during our busy season, we may require a minimum of 3 months. If you need your alterations done sooner, we will charge you rush fees on top of your alteration fees. These extra fees can range from an additional $25 up to 15% of your total alterations ticket.


You may already have a bias opinion about our alteration services because maybe your dress shopping experience and our sales process with either our company or our salesperson, was less than what you expected.


Our company may only offer to do alterations on the dresses we sell in our store. If you purchased your wedding dress with us, then we can alter it. If you bought your dress somewhere else, we won't even touch it. 


For any dress alteration questions that you may have, you need to make an appointment with us and bring your dress in person. Only then, can we answer your questions and we may charge you for the consultation even if you decide not to do your alterations with us.



Our company may not permit us to offer custom sewing because it can become a liability for many reasons. Also, our seamstresses are generally not designers and may not be able to do a custom sewing job or create a custom piece for your dress.


We will only prepare your wedding gown and/or bridesmaid dresses at our store. You must then come to pick them up on the day that we scheduled for you. We do not ensure that your dresses will be wrinkle-free once you arrive at your destination, simply because you have traveled with them. Once you take your dress and walk out of our are on your own. We are no longer responsible for anything.