A SewCal PRO is…
Professional. Reliable. Open-minded. 


We always know where we are in the process of handling your dress while delivering a memorable experience and unique, personable service.




As you bring us into your home, into your life, and trust us with the most important and meaningful piece of clothing that you will ever wear, which is your dress…we are highly honored and privileged to serve you. We listen to your affairs, what you’re nervous about, what’s on your mind and what you’re stressed about. We would never want to break our friend or family’s trust, and the same applies to you when we become your confidante.



We are fashionistas at heart. We keep up with current bridal trends and we’ll give you our expert styling tips to help you create a beautiful and balanced look from head-to-toe for your BIG DAY. Not only will you look your best一you will also FEEL your best. Our highly regarded position in the bridal industry makes us your “go-to” person for all things fashion and defaults us as your stylist. 



All the stress that comes with wedding planning and dress shopping involves plenty of emotions and anxiety...and sometimes other people’s opinions too. Trust us––we get it. We will find a common ground with everyone’s temperament, be there for you, and neutralize any uncomfortable situation. We’ve got your back! We’ll lend you our shoulder to cry on and even cry with you. We listen, comprehend, and respond positively to your worries. We will always reassure you as your therapist.



Have you found THE dress? Or does something seem to be missing…that emotional connection? With just a little design creativity, we will help you showcase your unique style on your wedding day. Let’s talk personalization! We will custom make a NEW look for what you envision your dream dress to be, no matter how big or how small. We didn’t go to fashion school for nothing一we are designers too.



As a bride to be, we understand if you have 101 questions about the alteration process. It is completely normal, as this is a new experience for every bride. We are fully engaged with an open mind and we have the utmost patience to answer all your questions. So no matter how many pieces of the puzzle we are trying to put together within a certain time frame, we will provide you the perfect solution as your advisor.



We know the ins-and-outs of alterations like no one else. We have been labeled as “second to none” in our industry. Did you know that SewCalPros has its own Sewing University? We do our homework and constantly adopt new, modern skills and techniques to defy the old school way of tailoring. Once we stitch all the pieces together, your dress will look like it was never even touched!