Please contact us directly to set up an appointment for your wedding dress alterations. 


A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to reserve an appointment time slot for fitting your wedding dress.

You can be reassured that we have accomplished our vision to be a miscommunication-free conscious company about your every detail for your wedding dress alterations. 

Your seamstress will have all the necessary tools for conducting all dress fittings...all you need to do is model the gown for us and we'll do the rest!    

Once your dress fitting has been done, your seamstress will fill out the alterations ticket and your deposit will be directly applied to the balance.    


For your first fitting, we ask that you have all of your undergarments with you or we can build all the support you need right into the gown. For measuring the skirt length of the gown, please also have your shoes.

Dress fittings for all standard alterations require a minimum of 4 sessions with us.

Dress fittings for bridal gowns that are very complex in design or any requests for custom sewing or re-design will require more time and more fittings step-by-step as needed, usually averaging 5-6 fittings.

Below is a general description of the dress fitting process.


Your seamstress will pin your entire dress from head-to-toe. If you are needing bustles added to your train, in some cases the bustles will be pinned during a later fitting.  

2nd Fitting:

At this point, the first round of alterations have been completed on your dress and you will try it on for the first time to see if any adjustments are needed, as this is normal. Your seamstress will communicate with you about the new adjustments and will proceed to again pin your dress.


During this fitting, you will have another opportunity for more refined adjustments and your seamstress will again pin your dress focusing on precise detailed areas of the gown.


Ideally, this is considered to be the last and final fitting because the second round of adjustments have already been made to your dress. You will again try on your dress one last time dress and your seamstress will conclude that these 3 essentials have been met:                   

(1) proper support (2) functional comfortability (3) the "look" that you want!

Lastly, your seamstress will show you how to do the bustling of the train. Please plan to have your maid of honor or another person present during this final fitting. You may also consider having them video record the bustling process.