A “master of craft” is assumed to be known for their customers. You don’t go to the master when you want something predictable or that you can buy off the shelf. You go to a master when you want predictable results on an unpredictable task. When you want something that is unique but that has the same qualities as something that has been made a thousand times before.

It has been said that mastery of craft has less to do with the end product and more to do with the process.

The master is well accustomed to everyday patterns and routines, as this is the patient process that produces great work. With our wide-ranging ability, immense work ethics, and a strong support base...we have mastered the 10,000-hour rule of experience, as they say. And most of all, you will have peace of mind knowing that your dress is with the best!


are you fully insured as a business to cover the cost of my dress if anything should happen?


What is a bustle?

A bustle is a technique created for upholding the train on a wedding gown. Although there are several different kinds of bustling styles, the main purpose is so that you don’t have to worry about guests stepping on your dress during the reception. You should only bustle your dress after the ceremony and right before the reception, ideally ready for the first dance.

What is the difference between a plain hem and a scalloped hem?

A plain hem has no distinct edging or shape on the bottom and we simply cut the fabric, fold it, and then sew it as this is the normal procedure. A scalloped hem however, has very distinct edges that need to be removed before cutting and sewing takes place. The fabric is then cut at the hem line and then the scalloped edge (or trim) is attached back on at the new length. Scalloped hems are mostly altered entirely by hand or a combination and also done by machine.

Can you remove the zipper and make my dress into a corset back?

Yes! We can do zip-up to lace-up conversions as this is a very popular request for not only fit, but for style as well. 

Is it easier to take a dress in or to let it out?

Whether we need to take a dress in to make it smaller or let a dress out to make it bigger, regardless it’s the same process of removing all elements on the dress before performing the alteration and then we put those elements back on once the alteration is complete.

Can you cut off my train and make my dress a shorter length?

Absolutely! We do this by measuring the skirt 360 degrees all the way around at the same measurement and hem it to your desired length, no matter if you have a train on the back or not. Your seamstress will recommend a proper length for the shape of your dress. 


It is really up to your preference whenever you would like to get started. Please keep in mind that even though we offer quick turnarounds for completing dress alterations, we recommend getting started no later than 6 weeks from your wedding day. For custom additions to your dress, we may need more than 6 weeks.  

What if I am expecting…can you still alter my wedding gown?

Not to worry. The most common alteration suggested for expecting brides is to make their dress adjustable as with a corset lace-up back. This adjustability gives uber comfort in sizing options as needed throughout the course of your big day.

What is the difference between altering a dress and resizing a dress?

Altering a dress is to simply make it fit more tailored or more contoured to your body shape. However, resizing a dress is to exaggeratedly increase or reduce all measurements of the dress patterns in its entirety to make the dress essentially bigger or smaller. Resizing a dress is only recommended if the dress is 3 or more sizes either too big or too small. For example, if you are a dress size 6, but the dress you bought is a size 12…then you would need to have your dress “resized” as oppose to altered.

Do you custom make garments?

We do not make full garments. However, we can make additions or accessories inclusive to your dress (such as: sleeves, bolero jackets, detachable skirts, belts and sashes, veils, etc). In this case, we ask that you provide your own fabric and materials.

Do you offer embroidery or heirlooming? 

This is considered to be a third-party service and therefore we do not offer this.

Do you offer gown preservation?

This is considered to be a third-party service and therefore we do not offer this.

Do you save the fabric or embellishments that you cut off from my dress?

Yes. We make sure to keep all remnants that have been cut off so that we may give them back to you. We do this as many brides consider using their fabric for other essentials. For example, you may want to wrap your bouquet with the lace fabric that was cut off from the skirt hem of your dress.

if i need to reschedule my appointment, do you charge any fees? 

No problem at all! We are more than happy to accommodate a day/time that works better for you if you need to reschedule any of your appointments for any reason. We completely understand that everyday life and wedding planning involves lots of different tasks to be met all at the same time and therefore, we do not charge any fees for rescheduling. As long as our calendar has available time slots, you are more than welcome to reschedule as many times as needed. We are very flexible.